Wk 1-Art Experience-Plaster Casting


The plaster casting activity was really fun! I didn’t go to the beach to do the activity, so I ended up doing it at home. I was able to find all the materials in-store except for sand, so I went to a nearby playground and scooped up some sand hahaha. The activity was really hard because I did it alone, and my cast didn’t turn out very well, but I really enjoyed doing the activity! I think my biggest mistake was adding too much water to my sand. When I tried to take out my hand, I think the sand was too heavy because of the water that the area around my fingers collapsed without me knowing. You can tell by the fingers that the sand didn’t take the shape of my fingers. Also, the plaster didn’t dry fast enough because the wet sand made the plaster really moist. When I tried to dig out my mold, I ended up breaking a couple of the fingers because the plaster was still really malleable. I waited about 30 more minutes to be extra sure, and it was all dry! If I were to do it again, I would go to the beach and use drier sand! My plaster looks more like a dinosaur foot, but overall, doing this activity with your friends at the beach sounds super fun, and I would recommend this to anyone!


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