Wk 1-Classmate Conversation-Catt Reyes



In class, I talked to Catt! Catt was super nice and really talkative! She sat right next to me in class which was really convenient haha. Like me, she signed the purple sheet to be added into this class. I asked her why so late, and it turns out she dropped theatre (I think?), and it was really funny because I dropped out of Chemistry because it seemed to difficult. We talked about her major and whether she drops or commutes. I found out she was a pre-nursing major, and she lives in Anaheim which is pretty close to where I live (Irvine)! I was really excited because everyone I’ve meet lives in Long Beach, Cypress, or Downey which is kinda far from Irvine. We actually have a lot in common! Similar to me, she has two dogs, I forgot to ask her which breeds, but I can always ask her in class! She has a younger brother who she occasionally picks up after school, like me, and we both have part time jobs. She works at Yogurtland which is amazing because I go to Yogurtland once a week haha. It turns out she is in the COMM 100 lecture with me! There 200+ students in the course, so it is not surprising I didn’t notice. Hopefully, I will do other art activities with her! This activity is a great chance to meet new people, and I look forward to talking with my other classmates!

Link to Catt’s website!



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