Wk2-Classmate Conversation-Shannon Satter


This week I met Shannon! Shannon’s a senior which really surprised me because she looks so young! She is currently a bio major, but she is unsure what to do with her degree. Shannon’s thinking about going into dentistry, but she’s worried about the time commitment. She’s planning on graduating in fall 2017. I asked her why she became a biology major, and she told me because it seemed the easiest among the science classes haha. Shannon told me she wished in chemistry instead haha. We talked about our pets, and I found out her toy poodle died out a year ago… Her dog was pretty old, I think she told me her dog was 15(?).  This made me sad because I have two dogs and I don’t want them dying any time soon. She basically lived in Long Beach her whole life, kinda like me. I lived in Irvine my whole life. Like me, she loves ice cream! My favourite flavour is cheesecake or coffee and her is rose and bubblegum. I’ve never heard ice cream flavours like those, and I really wanna try some!



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