Wk2-Art experience-Landscapes with a Corpse














This project is not my favourite to be honest. It was just somewhat strange for me to take a picture of myself dead. Also, I am not the most creative person. I was debating for a couple days about what to do. I had a lot of ideas in my head: lying dead in a pool, dying after drinking some poison like snow white, etc.  But the weather has been pretty cold lately, and I didn’t want to go inside the pool haha. I kept thinking, and I finally decided I was going to have myself dying in bed. I had the idea of dying in my sleep because that is how i want to die, in peace. It made the most sense to me, but it seemed really boring to me. I kept thinking, and finally, haha, I decided to picture myself dead via studying because it seems more like me haha. Ever since high school I have been constantly studying. Since entering CSULB I have been studying my butt off because I need to maintain a high GPA for scholarships which sucks to be honest. Someone in class mentioned it, and I really liked the idea and it was really funny. Also, I told my friend about this project, and he also said I should die studying, like every college student. I first took the picture where I’m wearing the orange/red shirt, but I read on beacharts we need two different pictures with different context, framing, or figure-ground relationships. I tried doing a photo of different framing, but I’m not confident if it is correct. The first picture is from a bird’s eye view, and the second one is a front view. I think I understand why people like or dislike this activity. Personally, it is not my favourite, but I do think this is a very innovative activity.


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