WK3-Classmate Conversation-Cindy Do and Kathy Trinh


This week I met Kathy and Cindy. Kathy and I are actually in a comparative literature class together, and neither of us realised we had art together until this Wednesday. The art class is so big I don’t know half the people in it! I found out she lives in Anaheim and works in Roasting Waters in Long Beach. She, also, has a boyfriend who lives in Irvine like me! I was really excited because most people I met in Long Beach aren’t familiar with Irvine. We talked about meeting up because she’s familiar with the area I live in. I thought about my favourite thai place which is actually right by IVC where her boyfriend goes. We talked and exchanged some notes for the artist conversation. Then Cindy came to ask us if she can join our group. We found out Cindy works at Ulta in Costa Mesa, and she recently got promoted. She lives in Garden Grove and works in Costa Mesa because she doesn’t want to met up with an high school classmates. It didn’t work out because she met a couple, and she told us it was really awkward haha. Cindy’s a biology major and wishes to go into dentistry. She is a commuter and a senior right now!

Link to Kathy’s blog: ktrinhblog.wordpress.com

Cindy’s: cindydoblog.wordpress.com


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