WK4-Art Experience- ACP


For my art care package, I decided to create a box for my high school friend Nellie. The Hello Kitty flashlight is from the Black Friday. We meet up at South Coast plaza at 6 am and spent 10 dollars on 10 Hello Kitty items. The cute pictures were from senior ditch day when we went to Little Tokyo, The ID card is from chuck-e-cheese. The nail polish was from a everything-must-go sale at The Face Shop. Finally, the Safari Park ticket was from a junior year AP Biology field trip.

An ACP is similar to a snapchat because each item is like a screenshot of an adventure. Snapchat captures a certain image during the day like the items in the ACP. It isn’t like snapchat, however, because the ACP are present forever. Snapchat images only last 10 seconds. I think ephemeras are precious. The items are nostalgic because they have different stories and meaning. Ephemeras are special to you and nobody else. I think art in general is subjective. The art in ACP is not the conventional type of art you see in a museum, but it is art because it has beautiful meaning. It may not be beautiful for everybody, but it has a special meaning toy. It does make a difference because snapchat only last 10 seconds. ACP is something you can keep forever. Even tough it takes longer to arrive, knowing you can keep it forever is beautiful. ACP is full of love because each item has a meaning which bonds people together.


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