WK5-Art Experience-Drawing (Automatic)

I felt really silly doing this project. A lot of my friends are from Long Beach (I live in Irvine), and I was lazy to drive up, so I ended up doing it with my mom. She was reluctant at first, but after convincing her she finally agreed. She didn’t understand what we were doing at first, and she actually tried to actually draw an image. I thought it was hilarious, and  I explained to her, we had a good laugh. While we were closing our eyes, we started to giggle and just started to talk. We kept telling each other to stay quiet, but sitting there for a long time was really boring. It was really hard to be patient because my mom and I are known for being impatient. It took a while put the oil crayon finally ended up drawing itself. While it was drawing itself, we found that it moved in more of the circular motion. It felt very natural and fluid. When we both started we thought it was just a silly activity, but we found it to be very therapeutic. After we finished the activity, we were much more relaxed, and we just wanted to take a nap haha. I would do this with my friends next time whenever I come over to their place.


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