WK 6-Art Experience-Zines

For my zine, I decide to draw the types of food I eat twice a week at my part-time job. I work at a curry house in Irvine, and I am always complaining about eating the same curry twice a week. I came up with this idea when Glenn showed us an example of someone’s zine about the different types of says potatoes can be cooked (fried/mashed/etc). That idea made me laugh, and the idea of curry just came to my head. I drew what I eat the most which is the fried squid curry (I love squid), and what I dislike the most with were the cheesecake and tiramisu. I was lucky because I had the menu at home, and I tried to draw it as similar as possible.  I was initially going to leave it black and white, but it looked like I put no effort, so I used the oil crayons from the last activity to fill in the blanks which really livened the drawings up. I had a lot of fun because I was able to reflect on all the foods I’ve eaten during my time at the curry house.


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