WK6-Artist Conversation-Short story


Title: Untitled

Artist: Amy Williams

Sea shells attached to rope/string hanging from ceiling

Dimension: 40x24x15 (?)


CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

This art piece reminds me of the time when I was a nanny. I was at a park with my kid, and he loves to climb up really high on structures. He can stay up high for hours and can climb just about anything. The parents do not like it when he climbs, but when I am with him, I let him because I was like that as a child. Usually he can come down perfectly well, but one day during summer, he climbed up really high on this rope dome structure. He lost his balanced and was dangling on one of the ropes. Naturally, I was terrified and ran to catch him. I wasn’t tall enough to grab him, so this nice gentleman can to help. If it weren’t for that man, my kid have broken a bone. Every since that day, I never let him climb anything high because I was scared he would get hurt. I told the parents what happened, and naturally they were mad that I let him climb stuff initially, but they were understanding about it because they know kids are kids. When I saw this art work, it just reminded me of him and how much I missed him. I quit the job a couple months ago, and I thought to myself that I should go visit him soon.




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