Wk 8-Art Activity-Finger Painting


I had a lot of fun doing this activity because it reminded me of being a kid again. I actually don’t remember finger painting as a kid, I’m sure I did, so this was a nice way for me to relive my childhood, I guess? It took me a while getting started because I didn’t know which colours to pick. I settled with white, peach, and orange because I thought they complimented each other well. I thought it was really easy. I just dipped my fingers in the paint and just let my hands do the rest. I just went with the flow, and I love the result. I was a little lost because I didn’t know where to start, but like I said before I just let my hands do the rest and everything flowed. I think finger painting looks more natural. With a paint brush there’s less control, but with your fingers there’s more precision.


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