WK 10-Artist Conversation-Clare Samani


Exhibition Information:

Artist: Clare Samani
Exhibition: Dressed
Media: Clothes and print
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: @clares_printing

About the Artist:

Clare Samani is currently a senior at CSULB. She is a printing major and wishes to attend Grad school in Louisiana. When I asked her if she is from Long Beach, she said she is actually from San fernando Valley in the suburbs but is living in Long Beach for school. Samani has been doing printmaking for five years now. She has always been interested in art and eventually chose print making because for a class she took in community college five years ago. She is currently working on 2D art but eventually wishes to work beyond her current skills.

Formal Analysis:

Samoan’s art consisted of muted colours. All the clothing had a dark vibe because there were no vibrant colours present. There were two painting that had a polk-a-dot effect using red flowers. There was another painting that have flowers as backgrounds. The clothes itself are very simple and monochromatic. The backgrounds make the painting pop because there are flowers that are arranged in polk-a-dots, checkers board patterns, and solid. The color of the backgrounds also compliment the colours of the clothing in the painting.

Content Analysis:

When she creates her artwork, she never has a clear direction. Clare just starts to draw and paint and lets her paintbrush to the work. Her main focus in her paintings are pattern and design. She prefers simple ones such as flowers, zig zags, and checkers board patterns. The colours she selects depends on whether she knows the owner of the article of clothing. Clare chooses colours that best represents the person. If she does not know the person then she gets inspiration from the object.  When select the clothing, she gravitates towards American fashion because there is a wide variety of choices.

Synthesis/My experience:

I really enjoyed her art because it is so simple. There are a lot of artwork that have clashing colours or too much imagery, but Clare finds the perfect balance in her artwork. When I walked it, I felt like I was in a shopping mall window shopping. I am really into fashion which I believe is the reason why i gravitate towards this gallery. Although the clothes in the paints are not something I would wear, they were still very beautiful.


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