WK 10- Art Activity-Architecture & Urban Planning – The Wedge


For my design, I decided to take down the tree and plant a new one. Although it is sad to take down a tree thats been at CSULB for a long time, it is important for change. There will be a new generation of trees, and just like the previous tree, after this tree grows old, it’ll be taken down and a new plant will grow.  When I went to the wedge, there were a lot of leaves that has fallen from that tree. It was overall really messy around that area. When the new tree grows, the area will be a lot cleaner. Although there will be no shade, the ground will be free of bird poop and old leaves. It’s important to maintain a clean campus for current as well as incoming students. CSULB would like to create a home atmosphere, and this will be accomplished with new generation of trees. Overall, I think change is important which is the reason for my redesign.


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