WK 15-Classmate Conversation- Catt Reyes


This week I had a talk with Catt. My first classmate conversation was with her actually. We decided to do the last conversation with each other because we got to know each other as friends. We thought it was a nice idea to end the last conversation with the beginning. If it were not for the classmate conversation we would have never been friends. This remind of the time when you told the class about the story of your two students getting married. Compared to the beginning, I got to know a lot more about Catt as we grew as friends. Hopefully we are still friend until we graduate. We don’t have any classes together next semester, but we will still keep in touch. I’m so lucky to have sat next to Catt the first day. She honestly was a great friend to talk to.I am grateful for this activity because I was able to make a friend my freshmen year.


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